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According to forecasts, prepared by companies examining trends in investment outlays made by small and medium enterprises, this year will be a breakthrough year. Such a large scale of investment, as in this year, has not been recorded for at least the last six years. The perpetrators of this growing scale of investment expenditures in the SME sector are to a large extent small enterprises.

This prognosis can also be found in the quarterly “EFL Barometer”, which is being prepared at the request of the European Leasing Fund. There, we also read that as many as 38% of the surveyed small enterprises are planning new investments in their companies in the near future.

The growing investment trend confirms that the companies anticipate positive changes in the aggregate demand in the future, resulting from the growing prosperity of the Polish society and the growing competitiveness of Polish companies on the unified European market.

Good forecasts in the sector of planned investments mean very positive changes in the financial intermediation market. Until recently, the financial advisor was associated only with the selection of the appropriate mortgage option . Entrepreneurs usually do not have time to examine the terms of loans and credits in several places, including loan institutions offering non-bank financing . The value of corporate loans granted through the companies associated in the ZFDF was only in the fourth quarter of 2016 as much as PLN 365 million.

For 4 years we have been cooperating with financial advisory companies in Poland. All the time we ask our advisers what we can be even better, what other element in our offer is not perfect, how we can extend our offer, improve it, and how to improve the implementation of new products for sale and listen to their advice very carefully – this is the source The success of Aasa Polska is described by Patrycja Gołębicka, Sales Director at Aasa Polska.

As a result of long-term and friendly cooperation with independent advisors, Aasa Polska launches its latest offer – Aasa for business. Thanks to advanced technological solutions, the entire loan granting process is based on an online analysis of the application and issuing decisions in just a few minutes. This offer is addressed mainly to small entrepreneurs and aims to facilitate obtaining financing for activities that have just been created. The offer of Aasa Polska is successively introduced by other financial intermediation companies. This is a very important innovative solution – so far there have been few loan offers on the market for people who have just started their adventure in business , setting up their own business.


Financial Advisor’s Work Is The Ability To Create A Long-Term Relationship With The Client. 

Financial Advisor


The most important aspect of the financial advisor’s work is the ability to create a long-term relationship with the client. It is necessary to ensure that the offer is tailored to the individual needs of the client. It is important to take care of the relationship during the entire loan period of the product offered. Therefore, one-time profit does not count in financial consulting, and a client who returns and recommends services to other people.

What is the most important factor in the success of a financial adviser is professionalism and experience in working with a client. If the advisor has access to the best offers on the market , he can count on operational and technological support, and he also knows that the financing methods he offers are made available by companies with an established position on the market.

In the era of low interest rates, entrepreneurial people are eager to look for attractive solutions that allow them to multiply their capital . The choice, professional advice and quick access to receiving financial means make these people decide faster about a possible investment.


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